The Original Ask Berry Punch
Y'all need a break! Go lay down for a bit or somethin', I'd come over and comfort ya' were I there and such..

Right… heh… I’m holding Pinchy though.

Y'all can trust me when I say I'll keep Pinch safe, promise!

*sniff* I really hope so.

SUGARCUBE corner? Right, so he can slip SLEEPING pills into her CUPCAKE! THE only one you can trust is YOURSELF. Well, I think you can trust yourself. Best NOT to drink around your DAUGHTER, just in case.
BE a good PARENT and don't trust him!

Oh no! But what about Pinkie Pie? Can’t I trust her?

Can I even trust me?


Yes! I might just take them down to Sugarcube Corner or a Cafe or somewhere to hang out but i would certainly never, EVER, do anything to them! I would protect them with my life. You can trust me. And just for good measure, i will even Pinky Pie swear! *ahem* Cross my heart and hope to fly. Stick a cupcake in my ey-*pokes eye by accedent*-OW! *rubs eye* Well, you get the idea...

But I… the princess… she said… but is that really her? OH!

ALEX wallace! I know him! HE is a well-known FOALFIDDLER. He's TRYING to gain your trust SO he can get closer to your foal!
I wasn't ever GOING to do anything, I just wanted TO talk! But that Alex-Wallace is NO good!
Even if YOU don't trust me, CAN you take that RISK!?

Wait… really? Oh… *holds Pinchy*


Hmm, that's odd...Hey, didn't you say earlier that you don't like the Filly's being alone with HER around? If you want, i could protect them! I don't have anything better to do at the moment and with them under my protection, we can be sure we don't have a repeat of last night....

Have at it! Can I trust you?

Thanks. And blame Snips for my acting dumb. (He has one heck of an ego to fill)

He always seems to be leading you around. I think you should hang around Spike more often.

Yeah, I'll be fine. And I suggest you lay off the sauce for a while...

You seem so much smarter than the ponies say… You are a good kid Snails.

yo got all mushy about my parents being gone for the day, and i think the hug you gave me slid a spinal disk out of place.

… I’m sorry little Snails. ;-;

Will you be alright?

*crawls out from under her*

Oh my that was awkward...

*falls* *snooore*


*snooore* … applesh… *snooore* … oh Rainbow Dash… *snooore*

Hold up, make lo-? Oh my Celestia you are seriously drunk...

*mumble* I’m not sheleshtia… *mumble*


I'm fine! I swear!


*Snoooooore* *Snooooooore*

Does Snails need some lookin' after?



This warms my heart.

This warms my heart.